Our Services

We provide a wide range of services to suit a variety of budgets and requirements.Our most popular services are shown below. If you have any questions on promotions and customizable options feel free to email us or call us for further information.

Project Management

We can take all the headache out of running your small or medium sized job by organizing materials, organizing other trades, making sure everything runs on time and on budget.


building frames and erecting roofs. This includes all facets of framing, posts, beams for high sets. Hand pitched rafters/ truss design, adding and subtracting walls,door/openings or windows to existing buildings. Special features, Items such as fences, gates, spires,window awnings,verandah’s sculpted bracings, pergolas, carports, Exterior cladding. This category also pertains to specialist carpentry


re manufacturing federation style doors, solid timber doors,cabinets ect

finishing carpentry

Hanging doors (internal and external), architraves, skirting boards, fire doors, door furniture, nog and stud location, stairs (both inside and outside locations), balustrades and handrails,mortice locks. internal cladding,chair and picture rails,wall panelling

Kitchen Installs

Kitchens installed to specifications. Ikea installs, custom Kitchen installs.(you build it I will come)

Landscaping & outdoor

Retaining walls (timber only), fences, gates, pool fences, turf, downpipe extension/repairs,spoon drains, timber decks and hand rails, balustrade , pergola’s and carports even mow and trim your lawn

Specialist Concrete Installation

Creating unusual concrete structures and pads.

Standard Concrete Installation

Driveways, house slabs, shed pads, walkways

Carpentry for hire

any job that your not sure of how to express it, you know what you want but are unsure of how to get it(within legal requirements), just bought a vanity or Ikea kitchen and need it assembled and/or installed, or bought something from bunnings and need it installed/modified to suit you needs?

Skills Classes

If you are an owner builder, and you want to attempt jobs yourself, we offer a service to come to your job/house, and for a modest fee, give you instructions/lessons on the skills you will need to accomplish your dream. We can show you techniques, show you how to use tools. You will need to own your own tools, or we will give you a list that you can hire/buy or borrow. After, we can come back and check up on your progress, let you know how you are doing, and offer any helpful hints on improvements or changes that may make life easier for you. We will even fix up those “mistakes” you just can’t get right (some skills can take quite a bit of practise to get right and mistakes are bound to happen).As an owner Builder, you are allowed to attempt most jobs except for plumbing and electrical.