Tradies I trust to refer you to:

TMG Constructions
Tim from TMG is a straight up guy with a heart of gold for your larger projects. Follow this link to his site

Case Plumbing

Casey does an amazing job, cares about the people he does work for and gives back to the community.
Case Plumbing deserve a depot in every city. Great Plumber, on time, calls when he can’t make it, Honest
Reliable and a great bloke with a great misses backing him up. Follow this link to his Facebook page.

Cool As Patios & Decks

A great team of family owned locals. Great customer service with good after service customer care. You can expect good value for your hard earned cash. follow this link to their website

Contact the by email on or call them on (07) 54358379 of 0417 773 835

Strachan Constructions

Fantastic people and company. Family owned and been in business for over 30 years. Normally building the finer things in life but no job too small.

your contacts are Wade Strachan & Janet Strachan.

Follow the link to their website

Email on or phone them on (07) 3808 3330 or fax (07) 3208 0755